You Forgot How to Love

Sad boy with arms folded while parents quarreling in the kitchen

It’s really quite simple.

You just plain forgot how to love.

Remember when you held your newborn?

You experienced the raw naked power and feeling of love.

Your newborn WAS love.

Your newborn loved you – unconditionally.

You weren’t called upon to perform or be someone you were not.

You were loved because you were you – no strings attached.

And you watched your newborn grow – and express love.

Your newborn learned to smile, to belly laugh, to run up, throw their arms out and hug you, to hold you tightly, to run with abandon and to embrace life.

Yes, to love!

And, your child, gracefully growing, at a deep level (maybe beyond your awareness) reminded you of YOU, when you were a young child growing, embracing life and yes, loving.

Love was just there.

No working on it; no trying so hard to make it happen.

And then you had to “grow up.”

Life became “complicated.”

Pleasing, performing, attaining, accumulating, fear of rejection, neediness, fear of failure, fear of being on the outside, frustration with self and others, uncertainty, doubt, and feelings of unworthiness became dark clouds that blotted out love.

Watch this video of an amazing 6 year old, Tina, responding to her parent’s divorce

Maybe all we need to do is clear out the internal garbage we’ve accumulated (trying to “grow up”) and return to love?

Don’t you think that’s a great idea!?

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  1. Lovely video. Thanks. I love the bit where the little girl talks about not being high up mean and not too low down, but just straight. I think she then says ‘that’s where my heart is’ – really beautiful.

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