About Dr. Huizenga

“I was raised on a farm in NW Illinois – 8 miles from the nearest town of 4,000. Life consisted of work on the farm and church twice on Sundays. I was surrounded by a small group of friends and of course, many family – all white, protestant, conservative and most with education stopping at high school, or sooner.

Here I am now, traveling between homes in Michigan and Florida, two advanced degrees, living in a racially mixed inner city for a period of time, coaching people from around the world – China, Germany, Australia, Middle East, S Africa, GB and a few more.

Yes, my life has changed.

I go back to my home farm town and am amazed how “different” I am. Those old friends who remained seem the same I was decades ago.

That’s not all bad. Neither I nor they are right or wrong.

I just HAD to leave. That’s all.

But, my leaving has not been easy. My thinking, my frame of reference was constantly challenged as I “moved out.”

I encountered “different” people, different foods, different ideas and different ways of looking at the world that generated angst and tension.

I wanted to embrace the new, but, boy, it was not always easy or comfortable. My roots were ripped out of the ground and lay exposed. Sometimes I wanted to go back – but knew I would emotionally and intellectually shrivel and die as a person.

I was compelled – something moved me – to move ahead, although I didn’t always know where the ahead was, although I THOUGHT I knew.
I am forever thankful for the mentors along the way.

Books, teachers, counselors and coaches (although they didn’t always know they were coaching) let me know I was ok – more than ok – valued and significant. They opened new ways of thinking, breathing and living that gave me the freedom to be me, to contribute, to connect in profound ways and to love – my self, others and the universe around me.

I am not there yet; never will be completely in this lifetime. I accept that more; most of the time and try to embrace my limitations and humanity. I smile at my follies much more than before. I long to be wrapped in wisdom, not rightness.

I offer this story about me and offer myself as a mentor or coach.

I know how valuable particular others were to me; to value my experience, especially when I didn’t, to give me the freedom to remove my blinders so I could see others for whom they truly were and see myself in more constructive powerful ways. They rehearsed with me, encouraged me to act and speak with more power and grace.

If this resonates with you and you look to break through your pain and blinders, let’s talk.”