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Why did you marry THAT Person

Do you ever give that question some thought? How do you know if you married the right person? Your relationship is in the pits and you want to know how to fix your marriage fast. You snarl inside when your spouse does “their thing” and the thought jumps across your inner cortex, “What in the …

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One ALWAYS Wants More Intimacy in the marriage

One spouse always seemingly wants more (intimacy, talking, connection, time together, etc) than the other. There is ALWAYS an imbalance. Usually, but not always, it is the male who backs away or displays hesitancy. Please leave your comment about the video below. What is the intimacy balance like in your relationship?

Shift #4: From Running from your Spouse to Confronting Your Spouse

One in a marriage or relationship of emotional investment is ALWAYS (instead of confronting your spouse) running away or distancing self or putting on the brakes, at some point, with communication, intimacy, closeness and the process of knowing and being known. In 80% of the marriages you can count on this process. It’s usually men …

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Men, Intimacy and Patterns

Part 4 (Prior post: Men, Intimacy and Isolation) Knowing the coping patterns of your spouse (as outlined in “7 Reasons Men have Difficulty Getting Close and Staying Close”) provides relief. Often you as a spouse are too close to the relationship to see the overarching patterns of coping and behavior. You see the tree staring …

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