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The 3 Beliefs that Ruin a Marriage or Relationship

Your Marriage Breaking? Shattered? Your marriage is breaking. You don’t want it to break, but it feels like each day a new piece shatters. Do you sometimes feel like the door of love, acceptance and intimacy has been slammed shut in your face? You feel unappreciated, alone, ignored and emotionally light years removed from your …

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Stop Pursuing Your Spouse

Hello. Dr. Huizenga here. 80% of Couples Struggle with This My experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist over the past 3 decades tells me that 80% of couples struggle with the Pursuer-Distancer Merry-Go-Round. (The 20% struggle with other patterns. I go into detail describing the Red, Yellow and Green Marriages in the Advanced Module …

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Men, Intimacy and Isolation

Men and Intimacy – Part 3 (the prior post: Men, Intimacy and Guilt) The spouse who lives and breathes next to an emotionally distant man may experience a strong dose of isolation. If guilt and a sense of undue responsibility are present she may shrink from the world. Her world narrows, her enthusiasm for life …

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How Guilt Impacts Men and Intimacy

Men and Intimacy – Part 2 (the prior post: Men and Intimacy) A woman often feels a tinge guilt for the distance in the marriage. Am I not enough? What’s wrong with me that he won’t come close? Of course, we all bring with us thoughts of inadequacy into your marital bed and marital dinner …

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