intimacy in marriage

How to Grow a Deeper Emotional Connection with Your Partner

You want a deeper emotional connection, more intimacy in your marriage – to feel loved, appreciated, valued, acknowledged, understood and more. But, here’s the problem: 1. You run into a brick wall when you begin to talk about your desire for a deeper emotional connection with your spouse. Yes, there are some gender differences. Most …

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Why did you marry THAT Person

Do you ever give that question some thought? How do you know if you married the right person? Your relationship is in the pits and you want to know how to fix your marriage fast. You snarl inside when your spouse does “their thing” and the thought jumps across your inner cortex, “What in the …

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Love is EASY When You Use the 3 Easy Love Laws

The Shift to EASY LOVE Your old world, the world of relationship fear, anxiety and tension is the world in which you believe you can “fix” your relationship or “make” or force love to happen. You insidiously begin to feel like a victim giving your personal power to your spouse, a therapist or a new …

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Build Intimacy and Good Feelings with Appting

I’ve rolled out a new process to help you build intimacy and good feelings in your relationship – if both of you are ready. About two thirds who downloaded the Appting Guide considered themselves qualified to use it. Appting is a powerful and simple way to shift the momentum in your marriage or relationship and …

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The Pulling Away Spouse Accommodates

You are perceived as the recalcitrant spouse, the uncooperative one and the bad person for not getting with the program. You receive this message from others. And, you may believe that of yourself as well, at least to a disturbing degree. You believe it is important therefore to swallow the not so nice words on …

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Romance is a loaded word

As a male you are asked to be more romantic. If you are a typical male, this strikes a scary cord. You think of some stud, with piercing eyes and sly soft smile who knows how to wooooo a woman and “sweep her off her feet.” You are expected to say the right thing at …

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Marriage and Chemistry

“Chemistry” creates Warm Magic Moments What is “Chemistry?” I really don’t know. And, not knowing is what makes “chemistry,” chemistry. Chemistry is an attraction, a powerful attraction. It’s just there. You walk into a room of 100 people and you may be “drawn” to a particular person. There is an attraction that defies reason. The …

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Marriage and Family

Your relationship with your parent(s) trumps your relationship with your spouse. The power and ingrained nature of your feelings, perceptions and coping patterns you experienced or did not experience with your parents carry into your marriage. Whether your parents are alive or dead, whether you have contact with them or have broken contact and whether …

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Marriage and Sexual Maturity

Sex is a “hot” topic! (A little play on words.) It is. Truly. Sex is a part of you and the marriage that reaches down and touches the very core of how you perceive and feel about you. Nothing stirs your sense of vulnerability more than to expose your nakedness of body, mind and spirit …

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