Why Men Have Difficulty with Closeness


What is it that creates men to have difficulty with closeness? And, how does it make you feel?

Please understand that this is not about man bashing.

I’m a man and I prefer not to be bashed. And women, I assume also don’t like to be bashed. We have enough bashing in our culture. The malignancy perpetuates mistrust, misunderstanding and stereotypes, and precludes progress and vital collaboration.

I refuse to bash because bashing is not good for me. The one who bashes does it often out of a deep sense of inadequacy, lack of knowledge, impotence and/or fear. He often is the person with the problem.

The basher’s world shrinks and stagnates. He becomes an unattractive, noisy gong with little to offer.

I want you to feel better about yourself, your relationship and your significant other. I want you to see him or her in a different light and as a result lessen your load of frustration and helplessness as you let go of your difficulty with closeness and begin your search for that intimate connection with another.

I am giving you 7 reasons men have difficulty with closeness and with that knowledge you will better be able to reclaim your personal power.

And when you experience your personal power, rather than giving it away to another – as in if only he or she would do this or that – you begin to genuinely care, experience calm and compassion, and are able to speak with a steady strong voice that emerges from within you.

You become knowledgeable, and knowledge about your relationship will give you more options in perceiving and responding to your significant other. Knowledge is power, as they say.

You will be able to take a stand, and with that clear calm voice you can look your significant other in the eye and without flinching, let him or her know what you value and desire. No more angry reactivity, numbing withdrawal or the incessant mind games. More especially, no more difficulty with closeness.

Rather than destroy or tear apart your relationship, you will build it.

And, that is good!

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