Romance is a loaded word

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As a male you are asked to be more romantic.

If you are a typical male, this strikes a scary cord.

You think of some stud, with piercing eyes and sly soft smile who knows how to wooooo a woman and “sweep her off her feet.” You are expected to say the right thing at the right time with an irresistible tone of voice.

Flowers, chocolates, staring into her eyes in the moonlight, love filled text messages, cards which express your undying passionate love and words that frequently express how much you want her to become your model.

And, deep within you realize that you feel terribly inadequate being that stud.

You cannot measure up.

You think of the sexual encounter and again, you may not be the sensitive caring stud you believe she wants.

Please leave comments below. How has romance shaped the lack of true intimacy in your marriage or relationship?

5 thoughts on “Romance is a loaded word”

  1. My husband has know Idea what romance is. He’s a child living in an adult suit, He didn’t see it as a child and doesn’t care about anything but what he wants.

    I understand that we grow up emulating our parents, however, he’s never understood love so , how could he understand romance.


  2. Unfaithful Husband

    Although I’ve been clean and sober for several months, my betrayed wife doesn’t trust me. There is no intimacy, because I can’t separate saving the marriage from my relationship with my spouse.

    1. Bro, just keep on keepin on. That’s not much time, it may take years. Or maybe never. Your priority is sobriety, everything else will flow from that. Leave it up to HP..

  3. Kim Muscroft-McDonnel

    I am certainly struggling with this issue. Want to get closer to my partner and they seem to be drift between closeness and distancing. Feels confusing and hurtful.

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