What it takes to Save Your Marriage

Think Bigger!

How do you save your marriage?

You will be disappointed as you pursue conventional marital advice.

We’ been handing out the same advice for the past 30 years and the divorce rates still hovers at 50%. Look around you. How many authentically happy couples do you see?

Here are the 3 overarching suggestions of conventional advice.

1 Focus on your spouse and try to “win them back – to the love you had.”

2 Become a better person, so you are more attractive.

3 Perform better (communicate better, be more sexy, more engaged, etc.)

(I provide more detail on these 3 Fear-Based Beliefs in my Intensive Marriage Building Modules.)

You may get some positive results, but the results will be temporary.

I give thanks for my training and experience in Family Systems Theory which looks at the larger picture with marriages and families. (Conventional training is reductionist, examining the dysfunction of the individual.)

Over the past 5 years I’ve developed a Marriage Building Online Course that begins with the larger picture and moves you through a series of steps that alters the nature of your marriage or relationship.

First you must RELAX. I offer ways to reduce the tension you feel when with your spouse, or even when you think about your spouse and your situation.

Second, you must RELEARN what you know about love and marriage. What you were taught about marriage is based on fear, and of course, there is a good book that says you cannot love when you are bound by fear.

Third, you must reconnect. You can’t go back. You start over. You begin a new chapter.

This is the skeleton for my Marriage Building Online Course.

Wishing you the best,

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