Oh, oh- There’s Not Enough in My Marriage

relationship difficulties: young couple having a fight

I struggle with lack in my life. I wake in the morning and this fairly mild, what I call gut wrench, strikes my stomach as my mind hashes over what I want… more of… money, success, recognition, love or whatever.

I write this not to complain but to share because I think it’s a HUGE problem for all of us.

We are conditioned to want more, to work hard to get more, to succeed at being comfortable so we feel good.

We continually chase this illusive and never met illusion. (Sorry, folks, but we as humans are wired to never, if ever, or only for a brief period of time, feel like we have arrived and are comfortable.)

The election is just over and the news stations had images of Trump and Obama sitting next to each other in the oval office.

I was reading a somber Donald’s Trump mind: “OMG, what have I gotten myself into!”

Now, think of your marriage or relationships of emotional investment.

Most couples who have come to me over the years are stuck here: “I’m not getting my needs met.” There is not enough love, understanding, compassion, affirmation, support, etc. The list could go on and on.

Do you feel a powerful “lack” in your marriage, in your relationship?

You are not alone if you do. You were conditioned to want and expect more… and to be truthful, there is always more you want.

It’s not because you are bad or defective. It’s just what you have absorbed and been taught about marriage – marriage is for you to feel good, to be loved, to live happily ever after. Remember?

This is your rabbit hole. This is our rabbit hole.

Fortunately, this rabbit hole has another exit.

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