Love is EASY When You Use the 3 Easy Love Laws

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The Shift to EASY LOVE

Your old world, the world of relationship fear, anxiety and tension is the world in which you believe you can “fix” your relationship or “make” or force love to happen. You insidiously begin to feel like a victim giving your personal power to your spouse, a therapist or a new idea in hopes that they will make you and your relationship better. Or you sink into a deepening sense of despair believing something is wrong with you or the marriage. Or, you embrace every idea and suggestion of self improvement hoping that your new found performance will make a difference. Your old world is the “Force it/Fix it” model and your marriage slides down the slope of emotional distance, frustration or conflict.

The 3 EASY LOVE Laws enable you to shift to a new and EASY way of tapping into the love that is already there.

I provided the steps and keys you need to make the shift from the “fix-it, force-it” mentality to EASY LOVE.
8 keys to incorporating the 3 Love Laws came to focus as I worked with literally hundreds of couples and thousands of individuals over the years. These 8 keys enable you to make the shifts and changes that nurture EASY LOVE and create the relational trust and satisfaction you crave.

EASY LOVE may gently and warmly emerge gradually for you or you may be slammed by EASY LOVE.

EASY LOVE May Lead to Critical Mass and an Explosion of Love.

EASY LOVE releases your loving energy. It happens – when you perhaps least expect It.

EASY LOVE is spontaneous and lets loose a reservoir of pent up energy. (This, in my humble opinion, is what makes marriage or a relationship of emotional investment exciting!)

This has happened more than once in my private practice.

In particular, I remember Bill and Joan.

Bill and Joan “got” the 8 keys of EASY LOVE and used my office to implement them. I saw them for a few sessions.

One week Bill and Joan sat down with these S.E.Gs on their faces. They could not contain their smiles. They looked like two kids on Christmas morning.

I said, “What in the world is going on?”

Joan grinned and said, “We left your office last week and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We stopped at the nearest hotel and had the most wild, passionate sex of our married life!”

Bill smiled and nodded in agreement.

Talk about Critical Mass!

They were free! They no longer were shackled by the worry of trying to “make” it happen. Their worry and fear evaporated and their heartfelt desires took over.
I’m not guaranteeing this will be your experience tomorrow afternoon with your partner. That would be silly of me.

Or, EASY LOVE may evolve for you.

Research with thousands embracing EASY LOVE for over two decades indicates you most likely will experience a progression:

As you progress your chances for wall banging critical mass increase.

You will experience a progression of how you feel and how you think and, you will be able to see and guide that progression, guaranteeing that you create what you truly want.

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