How to Grow a Deeper Emotional Connection with Your Partner

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You want a deeper emotional connection, more intimacy in your marriage – to feel loved, appreciated, valued, acknowledged, understood and more.

But, here’s the problem:

1. You run into a brick wall when you begin to talk about your desire for a deeper emotional connection with your spouse. Yes, there are some gender differences. Most men inwardly groan and emotionally run away when you say, “Let’s talk.” And, you may try and try harder to call attention to your need for more intimacy in your marriage, but give up muttering your frustration.

2. On the edge of your awareness dwells this thought: you are really afraid of a deep
painemotional connection. A wise man once wrote, “A deep emotional connection, a powerful intimacy in your marriage naturally scares and terrorizes us because to become deeply connected means that at some point we will lose the object of our connection – through walking away or ultimately through death.”

3. You don’t have the words.

  • I need more affection
  • I need you to listen to me
  • I need you to pay more attention to me
  • I want more romance
  • Tell me you love me

…don’t adequately express the deeper desire.

A powerful emotional connection dwells beyond affection, attention and words of love.


4. You probably don’t know what Emotional Connection looks like, feels like or lives like.

This is not your fault.

You lack good models and a vision of healthy and intimate connection.

You lack good models because neither your mother, nor father, nor their parents, nor your uncles or aunts, nor your next door neighbor were taught about a healthy emotional connection or how to save your marriage.

You and they were taught that an emotional connection becomes part of a marriage when…


  • Your spouse gives you what you want and need.
  • You stop being such a dysfunctional person.
  • You perform to earn love.

I’m here to tell you that your world is powerfully laced with these 3 assumptions and they are KILLING YOUR MARRIAGE.

I’m frankly surprised the divorce rate is only 50% and 9 out of 10 report being unhappy in their marriage.

Here’s the Beginning of YOUR SOLUTION

I offer and invite you to consider that love – a deep emotional connection and intimacy in your marriage – is EASY and flows forth from a different path.

Start here by downloading my “Emotional Connection 101” Checklist. Enter your email address and you will go to an offer to receive the “Save Your Marriage Forever Formula – 11 steps to a self-healing marriage,” a tool to heal the hurt and deepen your connection and perhaps save your marriage.

Next, look in your email inbox for download instructions for “Emotional Connection 101.”

Emotional Connection 101

This will Happen When You Use this Tool


    • You will create a new vision for what emotional connection is truly like
    • You will learn a new language of Love and Connection that neither offends or creates distance
    • You will use a tool that keeps you going and keeps you on target.
    • You will gain Clarity and Confidence about truly being intimate
    • Can you imagine having a deep Emotional Connection?

Hint: Possessing a deep Emotional Connection is radically different and more satisfying than “falling in love.” Download the “Emotional Connection 101” Checklist and learn more. Emotional Connection 101

5 thoughts on “How to Grow a Deeper Emotional Connection with Your Partner”

  1. Therese "Nikki" Phillips

    I’m just getting out of a narcissist abusive marriage of 16 years and really starting to figure out what happened and how much damage had been done and what I now need to repair with myself and the kids. I really need to learn about how to be emotional connection.

  2. robyn buttsworth

    Been married for 35 years with 3 now adult children, we separated for a year 18 months ago and been back together for 18 months, im so depressed, even had thoughts of suicide. but i wouldn’t , because i count do it to me dear 83 year old mum. how can it get so desperate. counselling doesn’t work, ive listen to so many marriage help websites that im now confused, it takes two to try despite what mort says, im sick of going it alone. i need to see effort on his part. id love to talk to a professional, i read and read and read. what i need is to talk. my husband won’t communicate to me which exasperates me, it just makes thing worse, and of course eryone wants money. i can’t afford it. i can’t work due to auto immune diseases, and thats another story. the mother in law is a big issue,, my husband is like a only child he has a sister 17 years difference. its been all about him, and carries that through to our marriage. marriage is meant to be about we, not me or he, i want WE. i feel insignificant and unloved. i sick of being called a dumb bitch. i have no confidence or self esteem any more.

    1. Robyn….. you are beautiful and dont need another person to feel and know your worth. Take you away from him so he can figure out what he wants. Refocus your attention to find yourself….then he’ll see the woman he fell in love with from the beginning and you will find your confidence that’s already there.

  3. cynthiagovender0@gmail.com nthia Govenderc

    My husband and I sleeping in Separate rooms. Reason being I felt he had a lot of work issues and cud not really connect with me. We had a argument and he said I am nagging him about work. He said why I don’t walk out of this marriage. Based on his words I told him to arrange for us going separate ways. I was upset but did not really mean it. So he is using that against me. Said he wants space from me. Sleep in another room. I tell tell him I was sorry about 3 times. He says he made up is mind and wants a divorce. I told him I will not allow it. I still do everything as a wife. Also try to chat with him and show him love. He still trys to keep isolated from me. During this time I have also realized how I have idolized him this 35 year. Also been insured with him cause he tends to have a lot of female friends. They used to be calling and chatting with him home. It’s about 2 years I put a stop to this. He has a code on his phone. I don’t want to be that insecure wife any more. I just want for us to not be selfish and do unto each other as we will want other do unto us.

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