Emotional Distance is a Way to Cope

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Can you think of someone who copes by being submissive, by accommodating others, sometimes by relishing the victim role?

Can you think of someone who waltzes through life being seductive or charming as a way to get what s/he wants?

Or some who cope with the inner anxiety and fears by controlling his/her world and others?

Or, the typical type A personality who aggressively runs over others, getting in the first punch, so to speak?

Or, someone who becomes a bristling porcupine, using criticism, sarcasm and bouts of explosive anger to protect and defend?

Or, someone who is always calm, cool and collected and exudes confidence, although seldom has the capacity to be empathetic or enter another’s internal world?

Or, someone who is “in his/her own world” and others seldom have an idea of the nature of that world?

Please leave your thoughts below. What common ways of coping by distancing do you encounter?

6 thoughts on “Emotional Distance is a Way to Cope”

  1. Yes, whatever your personality is, if your spouse is complaining about how you handle conflict then you must change.
    Not only your spouse, but everyone else is also not happy about how you handle conflicts.
    But it’s so difficult to change the way you have been.
    But you will eventually able to do so if you keep on trying.
    I am in the midst of changing and, boy, it’s so difficult. But I know I will eventually conquer my emotions.

  2. Six out of seven statements describe my wife and her reactions to her finally admitting to thirty seven years of totally ignoring our marriage vows.

  3. how do you get your husband to tell the truth. why the secrets of his affair wont tell me how long it lasted. but remembers all the intimate sexual details and how he loved it. but wont talk about what the affair was to him. it’s like he was like he was living a married life with the infested std slut

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