Blog Review: How to Keep Cool During a Marital Crisis

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Before one can intervene or act powerfully to change or alter a marriage or relationship, it is vital that one internally experiences a feeling of calm and confidence. Of course, that calmness ebbs and flows, sometimes by the moment. The internal calmness is indicative of charging neutral.

Here’s an article that will enable you to examine and attain positive feelings. This author tells you how you can create positive feelings and examine such concepts as affirmations, meditation, and emotional detachment from your painful thoughts and feelings. So, check out this article written by Remez Sasson to create and experience positive feelings:

How to Create and Experience Positive Feelings

By Remez Sasson

What are positive feelings?

These are pleasant feelings of happiness, satisfaction, confidence and the expectation of success. These are feelings of compassion, love, tolerance and understanding.

Why do you need positive feelings?

They make you feel good, energetic, happy and able and willing to take action to pursue what you want to attain and achieve. They also make your life happier and easier, make you more likeable and improve your relationships.

How can you create positive feelings?

Read and practice the following tips, to help you create positive feelings:

1. Think often, about the importance of positive feelings and how they can improve your life.

2. Refuse to be involved with negative thoughts and feelings. This might not be so easy for everyone, but with perseverance, everything becomes possible.

3. Upon waking up in the morning, smile and say to yourself silently or audibly: “I am going to have a wonderful day today. It is going to be a happy and successful day. I am going to stay patient and positive in every situation.”

4. Often, during the day, visualize for a few moments, some happy situations from your life, a place you enjoyed visiting, or being with people you love.

5. When things make you angry, wait a few seconds before reacting.

6. When you feel some despair, anger, unhappiness or frustration, don’t succumb to these feelings and let them grow. instead, visualize something happy, read something that makes you happy, repeat a positive affirmation, or focus on happy feelings. This might not be easy, as the negative feeling might be too strong. However, do your best, and no matter how many times you might fail evoking a positive feeling, continue, and you will be able to change your attitude and feelings.

7. Understand that you cannot always control the situations in your life, but you can control, and change your attitude and reactions. Negative attitude and feelings will bring negative conditions, and positive attitude and feelings would make the situation improve.

8. Try to show some positive feelings toward people that you don’t like. You don’t need to be their friend, but you can stop being negative, and allow some feelings, warmth and understanding. You might be surprised at their positive reactions.

9. Read some inspiring quotes every day.

10. Repeat affirmations, such as:

“I am feeling happy and confident.”
“It is so pleasant to enjoy positive feelings.”
“I am getting happier and more positive every day.”

11. Keep away from negative people, and if you must be with them or work with them, don’t let their state of mind affect you. Try to develop a little detachment toward them. Fill your mind with positive feelings and thoughts, so that there will no place for their negativity in your mind.

12. When you are feeling down, listen to music.

13. Let yourself smile more often, even in difficult situations. The act of smiling tend to clear the mind of worries, even if temporarily, and wins you the support of the people around you.

14. Watch comedies and read and watch happy news.

15. Find time for meditation. Among its many benefits, it enables you to keep away the feelings and thoughts that you don’t want.

16. After getting into bed at night, tell yourself silently or audibly: “I am going to have a wonderful day tomorrow. It is going to be a happy and successful day. I am going to stay patient and positive in every situation.”

Now that you know how to create positive feelings, go ahead and practice what you read.

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  1. Brian Persinger

    I can’t help but think this whole article is pretty much stupid, I just dont think telling yourself lies can help in any way, sorry, just my opinion.

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