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Are you facing infidelity in your marriage?
Do you suspect that infidelity may be a factor in your marital crisis?
If so, you are not alone.
Infidelity is a prime cause of marital pain and crisis.

I’ve specialized in infidelity for the past 10 years and was the first to write an e-book, “Break Free From the Affair” on infidelity.

If you face infidelity or suspect infidelity, please take take to check out the solutions I offer to common infidelity questions:

1. How do I control my thoughts and feelings? (This is vital when using what I call “Charging neutral.”)
Click here for more information on: “The First Step in Surviving Infidelity – From Basketcase to Making Your Spouse Blink”

2. I feel so devastated and helpless. How do I begin to feel better and to believe there is hope?
Click here for more information on: “Infidelity: Discovery to Recovery – 4 predictable stages on your journey and resources for each stage”

3. I’m so frustrated and feel so alone. It seems we are going nowhere.
We keep going over the same territory – again and again and again. When is it going to change?

Click here for more information on: “19 Live Infidelity Coaching Sessions with Dr. Huizenga”

4. I’m enraged and confused by the deceit, lies and betrayal. I need to know what’s going on. Should I spy?
Click here for more information on: “Should I Spy?”

5. I keep thinking about the other person (op.) It’s hard to get him/her off my mind. I want to stop the affair and get him/her out of our life. Should I confront the OP?
Click here for more information on: “The Risks and Rewards of Confronting the Other Person – a Strategy that May Shake His/Her World”

6. I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I’m alone and huge decisions must be made. How can I move through this more quickly? Who do I talk to?
Click here for more information on: One-on-One Coaching with Dr. Huizenga

Although the first day and weeks of confronting infidelity can be extremely powerful and confusing, you will move through your turmoil. Believe me, it DOES happen. I receive emails every day from those who discover the strength and who suddenly see a new path of power and healing.
My promise is to walk with you; expanding your horizons, generating better feelings and enabling you to not merely survive the affair, but come out on the other side with a healthier you and healthier relationship.

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