Hear 19 others talk to Dr. Huizenga about Obvious-Yet-Overlooked secrets that propel them from feeling hopeless to hopeful.

What will happen when you order “19 Live Infidelity Coaching Sessions with Dr. Huizenga

  • You will know that you are not alone
  • You will empathize and feel close to another
  • Feel human again
  • This could be your story
  • You will know you are not crazy
  • You will be affirmed that you are doing ok


  • I Want to Be Wanted: Infidelity and Breast Cancer – audio with Martha
  • Overwhelm! Questions! Should I Date? – audio with Marcie
  • How Do I Pull The Plug When I Care So Much? – audio with John
  • Broken Promises. Broken Spirit. Broken Body – audio with Julie
  • A Turning Point Changes Your World – audio with Jackye
  • How Can I Compete with a 29 Year Old Blond Bombshell? – audio with Fiona
  • Self Esteem and Eric’s Wife’s Predator – audio with Eric
  • How Sue Catapulted Through Her 3-Week Crying Jag and Meltdown – audio with Sue
  • Rebuilding Trust with a Husband who Needs “Juice” – audio with Terri

  • When Sex with the OP is Horrific!- audio with Mike
  • Emotionally Battered and Bruised by a Rage Affair – audio with Lynnette
  • You will NEVER Go Back to the Bliss – audio with Lisa
  • Banishing Him to the Basement Works – audio with LaKeitha
  • How do I Get Him to Talk? – audio with Erin
  • Meeting His/Her Needs Won’t Work with a Narcissist – audio with Beck
  • Why is He with a Drama Queen? – audio with Amanda
  • Rage or Revenge Affair? – audio with Christine
  • How Does He Flip the Intimacy Switch? – audio with David


I just wanted to drop you a quick line and say how bloody impressive these audio interviews are!

They are really painful, mind you, but you manage them really well!

What I gained from these interviews was the strong realization that there are real people out there who are struggling with these issues. Of course I know that at one level (and counsel plenty of them myself) but it was very impacting to get a sense of the number of people who must be suffering in this way. I thought it could be extremely strengthening for someone in a similar situation to hear a real person like this and so realize that they are not alone!

OK. I’m raving, but the bottom line is that I was really surprised as to how impacting I found these interviews. Father Dave

The most obvious benefit was hearing a story that was so similar to my own. While satisfying and reassuring, it also made me view my own experiences from a third person lens–that was valuable. I’m not sure why exactly. Perhaps because I felt that, even though she was confused, I could view her situation clearly. That distance is something I’ve been totally lacking in dealing with my own situation.

This tape makes me feel that all my confusion is normal & that recovering from an affair is a process. I can be aware of the process in spite of very strong feelings.

It makes me feel like it can really happen when I hear other “victims” saying that they feel that they can turn their experience into something positive for their marriage…make it even better than it was before the affair.


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But there’s More than the Taped Coaching Sessions…

Yes, in addition to the 19 taped sessions, you receive an introduction and review of each session to print.

The introduction is as it seems; it sets the background for the tape, giving you a summary of the circumstances for that person. You will know something about the featured person before you hear the tape.

The reviews offer two great perspectives.

First, I break down the session for you. I may outline the underlying dynamics of that session. I may chart a course for future action. I may talk about the session in terms of the 7 kinds of affairs. I evaluate what I said, what I maybe missed or where we could have gone.

You will know what I think, what goes through my mind after a session.

Second, you will get reviews for each tape from people just like you, those who are in the midst of coping with infidelity.

You will discover what advice others would give to the person in the tape and what benefit each person received from hearing the tape.

You will enter a new world. You will feel surrounded by like-minded, similarly struggling folk, who care about you and are willing to share part of their story and insight. You will learn from them.

You’ll be reading “19 Live Infidelity Coaching Sessions with Dr. Huizenga” in less than 5 minutes.

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19 Live Infidelity Coaching Sessions with Dr. Huizenga

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