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The Easy Love is designed with researched, tested, practical and effective strategies and tactics to help you most quickly and powerfully change the course of infidelity in your relationship. Please start with the 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp.

Module #3: Reconnect with Your Other

Introduction: Your reduced tension and new understanding of love and what it takes to be in an intimate relationship brings you to a point at which you can more effectively and in fresh ways reconnect with your other.

Reconnecting Checklist

Reconnect Builders

A Simple 7 Day Strategy to Jump Start Good Feelings

Appting is a 4 – rule process to get your partner’s focused attention without asking, nagging or manipulating. This is for busy couples who text and share a mutual commitment to appreciate each other more deeply.

Are You Ready to Reconnect (Effectively?)

Do you like to dance…as in the Yellow Marriage? One of you emotionally pursues and the other distances. Or, you switch roles (or are switching roles?) Very common (80% of couples do this dance.) The the checklist quiz to determine how ready you are to engage each other.

Discover 7 indicators which throw up a red flag when engaging your other or beginning a new connection. Examine shifts that prepare you for engagement that is effective and lasting.

Learn to understand the powerful dynamics that perpetuate pursuing. Gain an acceptance of where you are now. Consider exploring specific shifts that move you toward loving and being loved.

Instead of pursuing, craft an invitation that invites your other to engage in meaningful interaction. I offer a template for such an invitation.

Use the checklist included in this guide if you are distancing from your other.Distancing is not bad, it’s merely a way to cope and manage on a variety of levels. Learn how you can break free from the pattern of distancing and engage in a way that honors you.

All of us fear engagement, the process of knowing and being known which is the essence of EASY LOVE. This practical exercise offers awareness of common fears. Once in your awareness, the fear loses its power.

Allow these 8 rules of effective engagement guide you. Also, read a coaching transcript with Coryn who formulated and rehearsed her “voice” that she wanted to powerfully and truthfully convey to her spouse.

Learn how to frame what you REALLY want to say to your other. Follow these 13 coaching and survey examples, checklists and belief shifts to put into accurate powerful words what you truly want to say and stand the best chance of being heard and respected by your other.

The Green Marriage embodies EASY LOVE. The Green Marriage IS EASY LOVE experienced in a powerful and practical manner. The Green Marriage serves as your “ideal” or vision for a relationship you move toward.

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