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This ebook is a practical ebook/workbook 27 days to create a love you can TRUST” is a practical ebook/workbook enabling a person to rebuild a marriage or relationship in 27 days. This edgy ebook provides alternative and in-depth strategies that move beyond traditional self-help methods.

  • Discover the 8 Critical Keys to Saving your Marriage and Creating a Love you can TRUST – Forever
  • Learn why romance is overrated
  • Discover whether you have a red, yellow or green marriage and what this means for you

The first e-book on infidelity written in 2003, has been used by tens of thousands to help a alleviate the pain of infidelity, determine the type of affair and create a strategy that changes of the course of the affair and the marriage.

  • Learn why you are not at fault
  • Discover the type of affair facing you
  • Determine which strategy works best
  • Discover the length of the affair and how it will end

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The First Step in Surviving Infidelity
From Basketcase to Making Your Spouse Blink
This 138 page ebook from Basketcase to Making Your Spouse Blink” This 138 page ebook examines the orgins of basketcaseitis, as it relates to the discovery of infidelity in your marriage. Get tips, information and new ways of thinking about infidelity that enbable your basketcaseitis to fade and be replaced by courage, hope and fearlessness.

Infidelity: Discovery to Recovery
4 Predictable Stages on your Journey and Resources for Each Stage
The infidelity journey is a painful process 4 predictable stages on your journey and resources for each stage. The infidelity journey is a painful and complex process. This e-book helps face the journey of recovery thoughtfully and with insight that hastens the healing process.

19 Live Infidelity Coaching Sessions with Dr. Huizenga

Connect with others who share their journey through infidelity with Dr. Huizenga. Be there with them. Dr. Huizenga also shares his impressions as he recaps each individual coaching session. Download to your MP3 player.

Should I Spy?

This ebook examines your motives and need for spying, legitimate reasons for you to spy, ways to know if you are emotionally ready to spy and how to deal with the consequences that spying may bring.

The Risks and Rewards of Confronting the Other Person
A Strategy that May Shake His/Her World
This ebook is an extensive summary of a Strategy that May Shake His/Her World. This ebook is an extensive summary of Dr. Huizenga’s research on the question: “Should I confront the other person?” 85 specific stories are told of the impact of confronting the other person. Suggestions are offered as you decide whether or not to confront.