Learn why the need to know is powerful and how you can best manage that need

What will happen when you read “Should I Spy
  • You will answer these questions:
  • What IS he/she doing?
  • Can I trust my intuition , which says that something IS going on?
  • What do I do when I confront and he/she denied, or worse yet, turns it back on me, as if I’m some sicko for even asking the questions?
  • I’m tired of checking his phone records.. everyday. What do I do?
  • I can’t stand myself for mistrusting, for checking the mileage, voice mail.etc.
  • How can I get this out of my mind?


Part 1: Infidelity: Why the Need to Know is So Strong
Part 2: Infidelity Discovered: Why He/She Won’t Tell Me the Truth


hi, Just wanted to let you know I am finding your web site very helpful. I just read about the need to know exactly what happened in an affair. My husband had an affair last year and I found out in June of this year. I have not been able to go a day without having questions,questions, questions. He answers most with detail however he often says he does not know or he does not remember. that drives me crazy, I feel if he had an affair after 19 years of a very close relationship with me he should remember every detail of the affair. He is very remorseful and wants to work things out and actually broke it off with this woman long before I found out. I think we can make it I just wish all these thoughts feelings and Questions would go away, he hates the questions.

Just reading your book gave me my strength back to stand up and face this. Prior to reading your book I felt helpless, confused, and totally depressed. I did feel much better after reading it. There is hope!! Liz

Dear Bob,Your site is just so incredibly helpful and how I wish that I had discovered it before now. How innovative and instructive are the tips, the most useful literature I have ever read. I love the practical step by step instructions that are easy to read and so insightful into how we do what we do. Life changing material. Congratulations. Thank you so much for the
regular emails of encouragement, vital at this time.



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