Save Your Marriage

Discover the 3 Love Laws that Put an End to
Tension, Fear and Hostility

Your marriage is breaking. You don’t want it to break, but it feels like each day a new piece shatters.
Do you sometimes feel like the door of love, acceptance and intimacy has been slammed shut in your face? You feel un appreciated, alone, ignored and emotionally light years removed from your spouse?

If so, I will open a new door and invite you into a new world, a world in which the Laws of True Love can piece your marriage back together.

How to Get Your Spouse and Love Back

Your spouse is pulling away – has been for a while. Maybe you didn’t notice the distance; life was life, with responsibilities and all and things seemed ok. Not great. But, hey, it is what it is.

Now the distance is right in your face. Wham!

Your partner and spouse feels more and more like a stranger. Some days your body stiffens with the tension and your breathing almost stops.

You fear the anger and hostility. Your mind races trying to understand and fill in the blanks of their aloofness and uncaring behavior.

The touching, the humor, the looked-for moments and space of peace and love are pleasant but distant memories.

The distance is more than distance now. It’s a threat.

A Marriage on
Life Support

Another person?

What about he children? Your dreams? Your own sanity?

Is the marriage on life support and breathing its last breath?

Heaven forbid you begin thinking the “D” word.

You don’t want this! You want your spouse back.

The Roller Coaster

And, it may it’s not all bad all the time. It’s more like a roller coaster.

Sometimes they move close. You sigh a deep breath.


But then, something, often nothing huge, sets off an avalanche of the old feelings and thoughts and they erupt again and climb back into that old familiar hole of either hostility or distance.

Each time it gets a little uglier.

Your heart sinks and feels as if a knife pierces its center

Your fears swell and become more menacing.

Your anger seethes a little deeper.

You want to cry but are afraid the tears may not stop.

Or, you cover your life with a blanket of toughness and put one foot, one problem, in front of the other and despite the depth of loneliness, move on.

You suggest, plead, reason, try to persuade, please, try not to rock the boat, perhaps, even go to marriage counseling, but it just doesn’t seem to help.

Week by week your self esteem erodes. You doubt yourself. You want to be wanted and ARE NOT. You are grabbed by habits that rob you of your strength and vitality. You feel YOUR life going down the tubes and you HATE IT.

There is a Solution

First of all, I will give you a tool and concept that in all probability will significantly turn your marriage around in 48 hours. The tool, bar none, has received more favorable comments than any other tool I’ve developed since 1981.

This tool will get, in a constructive way, the attention of your spouse. They will raise their eyebrows at you – or more!

You must know that this result is often temporary.

If your spouse responds positively to this tool, you have a great indication that there is a significant emotional investment and you are ready for the next two steps.


Second, I will teach you how to EXPERIENCE true love. Love is a huge and misunderstood word. Love is not hearts, chocolates or even mutual adoration.

ove is much more. Love lives much deeper.

I will teach you how you and your spouse can get out of the way and allow this powerful love to flow into your lives and relationship.

You will be gifted with my FORMULA that enables you to open a space for Love

You Must Relearn Love and Marriage

Third, I will help your reprogram your mind with the truer concepts of love, marriage and relationships.

Your mind, for example, has been programmed, often subtly, to fear your partner or spouse.

You have been programmed to think of yourself as unworthy or undeserving of love.

And, you have been programmed to believe that you must perform to get the love you desire.

These three common understandings of love leave you and your marriage holding fear, hostility, tension and ugliness.

The 3 Love Laws

You will come to know the 3 Love Laws that lead the way to a true and lasting love.


Image what it would be like to have your spouse back, not as they were, but as a new model of love, understanding and joy.

Imagine what it would feel like to be in a marriage marked by ease and peace; gone the days of tension, fear and hostility.

Imagine what it would be like to have your spouse truly hear you, smile and look you directly in the eye as you state your desire.

Imagine what it would be like to truly look forward to time together knowing that you can create a space of love that encapsulates the two of you.

Imagine what it would be like to just be YOU, in all your gifts as well as foibles, in your marriage.

Imagine what it would be like to know that at any moment you can turn on to Love; to know that you can create it; it’s within your power and purpose.

Imagine what it would be like to have a place, (your marriage) which served as a sanctuary for you to feel and believe that you are valued, worthy and deserving.

Imagine what it would be like to truly feel love; to feel it in every cell of your body; to feel its power flowing through you and in the marriage.

Imagine what it would be like to TRUST this Love to be the power that will continue to grow within and between the two of you forever.

My Gift to You Can Trust

What I offer is a culmination professionally of my 35 years as a Marriage and Family Therapist in which I logged over 25,000 direct hours of client contact, hundreds of hours of supervision and continuing education workshops, seminars and classes.

During the past 10 years I’ve worked hard at analyzing and reviewing those hours to see what produced the best results.

I’m ready now to present to you in condensed form. the tools and concepts that will help you, just like they helped thousands of others, to radically transform your marriage, relationship and life of love.

Your Marriage Will Feel Alive – Again

Within your marriage or relationship you will feel alive. You will begin to feel love invading every cell of your body.

You will KNOW in your mind and heart that you are the only one. Absolutely.

You will truly WANT to be with each other. You will look forward to quiet time, active time, fun time, and problem solving time WITHOUT any anxiety.

Your conflict and crisis will be resolved as you move through the emotional quagmire that stirred your frustration and fears.

You will NOT again fear being alone, fear rejection or live in dread of not knowing your marital future.

Your love life will grow with limitless joy and possibilities.

You will delight in your differences and those difference that bring success. Each will be a raving fan and cheerleader to one another.

Both of you will feel empowered to create and make the relationship exactly what you want. Your days of victimization are past.


Here’s what others say:

You’ve helped me in accepting that I’ve gone about trying to save my marriage in all the wrong ways. I have been jealous, resentful, angry, manipulative. I want to stop those things and learn new ways of trying to shift the momentum of the downhill slide of my marriage into a finalized divorce.

Realizing that I have spent 21 years trying to be a different person to make him happy and that it is possible to be me again and still have a good marriage.

Step by Step (Level by Level)
Build a New Marriage or Relationship

I will guide you through the steps of Marital Change and Growth one step at a time. (Ever see the movie, “What About Bob?” I was slammed with that one when the movie first came out. “Baby steps! Baby steps!)

Much wisdom actually.

This is a Non Issue for 90%, But…

The first step is critical. I want you to examine the level of safety in your marriage or relationship.

I provide an extensive Tool in the Introductory Level that evaluates the danger range in your relationship and tells you what you MUST do if the marriage is not safe.

For 90% of you this is a non issue.

But, hear me out. Back in the 90s I had a client who saw me for the first time. She wanted her husband to love her and she wanted to save her marriage.

he next afternoon the headlines in the local paper screamed at me. On the front page was her picture and the story of her stabbed in her bath tub by her husband, only 8 hours after she was in my office.

take abuse and danger seriously and I hope you do as well.

Do You Feel Safe?

Safety is a continuum. You cannot have a great marriage and feel unsafe.

Very specific tools and checklists in the Introductory and Beginners Levels offer ways to move your marriage to deeper levels of feeling safe and at ease, physically, verbally and emotionally.

How to Get Your Spouse
on Board – FAST!

I want you to experience results quickly.

Marital change does NOT take forever and does NOT mean dredging up all the stinky marital garbage.

You perhaps can turn your marriage around in as quickly as 24-48 hours. For some it doesn’t take THAT long!

I can’t tell you how many emails I received raving about this one strategy learned from me that almost miraculously got their spouses rapt attention.

You are offered this strategy in the Introductory Level.

WARNING: This strategy gets positive results, I would say, 80% of the time; but, the results are usually temporary and fade.

To solidify the quick initial change, follow the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Modules.

These modules offer you the possibility for permanent change – a relationship that you just KNOW is cemented with a profound, deep and lasting love.

This Tool Helps you EXPERIENCE
a TRUE and DEEP Love

I want you to experience results quickly.

1 You need to experience love.

It’s not enough to talk about love. It’s not enough to read about love.

You want to FEEL Love. (And, I’m not talking about that romantic pop song stuff of “falling in love.”)

I’m talking about LOVE – the real thing that runs deep, that you calmly feel in the depths of your soul with no drama, no mirroring and no game playing.

Here’s the problem. Feeling LOVE is rare. Very rare. (Don’t confuse love with your need to be loved – I will help you distinguish.)

The initial romantic starry eyed “falling in love” is replaced, sometimes quickly, in a marriage with fear and/or hostility and/or distance.

Clearing Out the Fear, Hostility and Distance

Many couples want to feel LOVE but find themselves tied to their hostility, fear or numbness.

I will share with you a Save Your Marriage Forever FORMULA that helps you remove the fear, hostility and indifference so you are FREE to feel the LOVE.

This is powerful theme runs through the 3 modules.

2 You must relearn love and marriage.

I’m rather tough here, but I believe that 95% of what you have been taught and what you absorb from the media and those around you about love and marriage is off the wall. It’s not only off the wall, it is tearing your marriage apart.

You don’t have a fighting chance to have a great marriage when your mind is twisted with concepts and ideas of love that, in reality, only produce hostility and fear.

Create New Brain Cells

The Beginners Level starts the process of reconfiguring your brain cells to think in terms of True Love.

This True LOVE emerges and is set free when you live by the 3 LOVE LAWS, which contrast to what you traditionally are taught.

Love is not that difficult, which runs counter to conventional advice. (You must “work on” the marriage, correct?)

LOVE is EASY and the 3 LOVE LAWS help you create that EASY LOVE.

3 You Reduce the Tension, Fear and Hostility.

Don’t you just hate the tension?

Don’t you just hate wondering when the next pouting moment will dominate?

Don’t you just hate the the seething frustration?

Don’t you just hate guarding your words fearing your spouse will erupt with anger, sarcasm or whatever they do to push you away?

The Beginners Level offers ways to drastically reduce the tension.

With tension you keep reacting and recycling the fear and hostility. Without the tension you CAN build bridges and repair the relationship.

4 You Engage Each other Differently

I suggest you initially refrain from trying to communicate or talk about the problems or relationship initially.

You need a baseline of calm feelings and new understandings before you embark on communicating about the relationship.

I want you to experience the FORMULA and complete the Beginners and Intermediate Levels before you dive into the relationship.

Of course, readiness will vary from relationship to relationship.

he Advanced Level points to Re-engaging in deeper more profoundly powerful ways.

There is More… Bonus Information…

In addition to the tools, articles, ebooks, videos, charts, checklists, summaries, etc. you receive…

You are Not Alone

Access to a closed and completely private support group.

I’ve been online since 2002 and I’m told again and again how helpful it is to hear from others who have similar issues, struggles and concerns.

You are not alone. You will surprised how the stories of others resonate with your circumstances.

As well, you learn from others. What worked for them, might work for you. You focus not on ideas but on actions that get results.

I also periodically, when time permits, float around in the group responding to questions and or concerns.


I’ve written and accumulated hundreds of inspirational and informational quotes about relationships over the past five years.

A special section in the Members Area makes them available to you.

Carry a thought with you and discover the difference it makes in how you perceive your marriage and spouse.


The Members Area is not complete. I continue to develop new materials.

Your world of marriage building will continue to expand.

Frequent emails will keep you up to date with the latest, best, practical and most powerful Tools and Ideas about Marriage building.

Marriage Counseling on Steroids without the Office

As you know, I’ve logged over 25,000 direct client hours since I began my practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1981, with the last few years analyzing my work and extracting the best and most effective Tools for change.

Does Marriage Counseling really work?

Let me put it this way: most of my clients experienced relief.

In our culture, therapy is looked upon as a place to find relief from symptoms and to lessen the tension of the crisis. Therapy is seen as a place for treatment.

Therapy, however, falls exceedingly short in offering a cure. (Noticed by the fact that a high percentage of my clients who felt relief came back months or years later with exactly the same symptoms and issues!)

Psychotherapy and Marriage Counseling is a multi-billion dollar business that consumes your time and your energy, for symptom relief.

What I offer goes beyond the symptom relief of Marriage Counseling (although in the Introductory level, I offer a Tool that offers almost immediate relief – what the users of this Tool tell me.)

I saw the limitations of Marriage Counseling and offer you the educational, therapeutic, and experiential components that give you a Foundation for a Love that will last your lifetime.

Don’t Waste Time. Get the CORE Issues

I also provide a form of Laser Coaching (via phone or skype) that condenses what used to take 10 hours of joint therapy into a focused half hour session.

Laser Coaching is convenient and conserves your time and energy.

Don’t Waste Your Money

My private practice was, of course, limited by the number of people I could serve.

And, for that reason, to pay office rent, admin help, professional fees, insurance, etc. I had to charge a hefty fee.

A review of my practice indicates that each client spent an average of 10 sessions with me to achieve their relief goals. 10 sessions x $120 per session is $1,200.

This does not include lost time, lost work, travel to and from my office, etc.

Not only can I serve more people now (1,000 to 2,000 visit my websites and read my blogs each day) but can offer more in-depth and cure-oriented services at a lower price.

80% of you will find relief in the next 48 hours once you purchase the Introductory Level for only $27.00.

You may purchase the Introductory Level + the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels (Foundational Tools, E-books, Videos, the 3 Love Laws, etc.) for $147.00

Or, include the Laser Coaching (see chart below) to focus your change.

You choose.

Your Marriage is the Heart of Your Well Being

Nothing impacts your life more than your marriage.

If your marriage is in trouble, your career is in trouble, your health is in trouble, your children are in trouble and your sanity hangs in the balance.

It makes sense, doesn’t it, to repair and rebuild your marriage as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Don’t let it go. Don’t put it off.

A Grumpy Old Lady

coached recently a 64 year old lady.

Her and her husband had recycled their marital garbage for 30 years and she could not, for the life of her, break the cycle.

She focused obsessively on him, deep within felt tremendous fear, and was trying every therapeutic trick to manipulate and persuade him to give her more.

She was frustrated and, of course, her husband stayed as far away as possible.

So sad!

Make the move!

Let Your Hair Down

Just imagine again, a marriage:

Where you let your hair down. No more games!

Where you can recharge your batteries to face your work and other demands.

Where you can smile, laugh and R-E-L-A-X

Where all of you (dreams, values, opinions, ideas, sexuality) are valued and appreciated

Join with Me

Here’s an opportunity and a warning.

The Members Area continues to grow as I add new Tools, content, videos and more weekly.

I employ three others and have a partner who help post content, maintain the websites, perform technical tasks, take care of customer concerns and do other admin tasks.

As the Members Area grows, so will the demands and the work.

And that will mean a price increase.

So, get in on the ground floor before the price goes up.

Choose Your Package

If you are on the fence…

Make sure you get my free downloads. Read my blog posts. Questions, hope and a new way of viewing and feeling about yourself, your marriage and your spouse will emerge.

If you have any doubts and are reluctant to sign up for the Members Levels or Coaching, start with the Introduction Level.

Only $27!

You Can’t Lose

The Introduction Level and the 3 Member Levels come with a Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, you get your Money Back in the first 30 days.

You Can Have the Relationship
You Truly Desire

There is a myth that says rebuilding a marriage is hard! It means bringing up all your marital garbage. It means talking about the hurtful feelings and addressing the “problems.”

Not so! Most find, with the Tools I offer, that creating a marriage or relationship cemented with true love is not as difficult or “painful” as imagined.

You need not continue to look back or “express” your feelings of pain, anger or disgust. You’ve probably done enough of that and it got you nowhere.

And, you don’t want the fear, hostility or distance to continue, for one more minute. You want the crisis to heal.

You want it now.

And you can begin moving in that direction now.

Choose your package and we will begin.

I look forward to working with you.