How to Find Love Again… Only Better This Time

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  • 2 things you MUST Overcome
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  • Why date nights, reinventing yourself and couple’s counseling miserably fail
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“I want to thank you for your emails and your wisdom. We have been making great progress. I believe we are going to take our marriage to the next level.”


“Thank you Dr. Huizenga. It was such a struggle to “make him” see my point of view and see what he did to our family. The ironic thing is, I didn’t HAVE to make him see anything, he already saw it, the view was hidden deep within him but he dug it out, eventually! They key was to let HIM dig for it! I used your methods and to my unbelief, it worked! 2 years later we have the best marriage we could of hoped for. Our communication is superb, the time we spend together is Intentional and without interruptions with electronics, we make love more.”


“I think i just had my “bing” moment!! Oh my gravy, dr. Bob, it all makes perfect sense now. I mean i know the work isn’t done, not by a far stretch, but after reading this i felt a sudden calm fall over me that I’ve never experienced!! Suddenly I can breathe!!! THANK YOU FROM BOTTOM OF MY LESS ACHING HEART!! THANK YOU!!!”


“Greatly appreciate the guidance that you provided me last Spring. I learned a some very valuable lessons in life. It is enjoyable to practice and develop positive loving behaviors. This is for the rest of our lives.”


“Bob, I would like to thank you for the time that you took talking to me and hear what I had to say. I wish your material was around or you were around when I was going through things in my life. You help me understand what we’ve been going through and what she has gone through. Thank you so much.”


“I wish I had read this last year. It would have saved me heartache and thousands of dollars, and my job and my career as an attorney.”


“Thank you Dr. Huizenga for this Email as well as all others!! You truly are a generous man, giving your insights and expertise from both a professional standpoint, as well as from many experiences. This Email is so jam packed with real direction and wisdom that I feel you have condensed a book into highlighted cliffs notes. I so appreciate and want to use these 10 outlined steps as a guide to help me with the issues I have with trust. Once again, I thank you, as you have helped me more that you will ever know for these past few years! Bless your heart for sharing and giving me your love.”


“You have helped me in ways you will never know. Thank you so very much”


“Have to let you know how grateful I’ve been to receive your emails for the last 5 years. The information has been my sanity! It’s, literally, saved my marriage. Thank you so much for caring. You’ve been a Godsend to many, Regards”


“Much Thanks for this Email!!! It is filled with a wealth of wisdom and instruction that I need. You have given so much in this condensed list of the steps needed to build trust in my relationship(s). I believe this will help me to better focus on and use as a guide to address the very issue of trust that has crippled me in moving forward in life. Thank you once again. Happy Spring and blessings.”