Have A Better Marriage…

  • Eliminate the Tension
  • Turn Fear into Hope
  • Learn to Genuinely Love Again
  • Feel at Ease with your Other
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  • The in-your-face criticism or the subtle digs that leave you tongue tied and hurt
  • The distance – two married strangers in the same room or maybe the same bed
  • The Loneliness and nagging emptiness
  • The incessant undercurrent of frustration ; there’s never enough
  • The conflict and fights that predictably emerge Being afraid – to say what you really think, to be who you truly are
  • The numbness; the emotional paralysis, the married walking dead
  • The mind games that perpetuate distance and misunderstanding.
  • The phoniness of a marriage that will lead only to your emotional death and the confusion of your children
  • This marriage is a place that gives me life.
  • I have confidence my spouse will be with me forever.
  • We are physically affectionate.
  • This marriage is a healthy and productive springboard for my career and vocation.
  • We deeply appreciate and welcome our differences. I am heard powerfully.
  • I hear powerfully.
  • I feel expansive freedom and joy with my spouse.
  • We share our differences and disagreements powerfully and respectfully.
  • I have moved from the drain of pleasing my spouse to letting him/her know more fully who I am.
  • I feel passion and excitement.
  • I can disclose fully and freely, without fear, my thoughts and feelings to my spouse.