Appt Your Way to a Deeper Intimacy

The word Appting emerges from a combination of the words Appreciation and Texting.

In Appting you merely text words of appreciation and gratitude to the other.

It sounds simple and is. However, there are 4 rules for using Appting that must be followed explicitly to work. I explain the reasoning behind those rules in the file you can download below.

Now, allow me to give you some reasons why Appting is so powerful and so effective. (These are expanded upon in the downloadable file below.

  1. You need not perform.
  2. Appting interrupts the cycle of negativity and reactivity.
  3. Words of appreciation beget words of appreciation.
  4. You look forward to the surprise.
  5. You will learn about your spouse or significant other.
  6. You will learn about yourself.
  7. you will build a stronger sense of well being.
  8. You will learn when to say no.
  9. You will learn to receive.

Appting is NOT for every couple. If you’ve worked through the first two modules with success and the two of you are now here, Appting will be a great way to begin the reconnecting (in a new way) process.

In the downloadable file I outline 4 conditions in which Appting works best. And you also will learn when it’s best not to use Appting.

Those who have used it report these remarkable results:

  1. The tension in the relationship is radically reduced.
  2. The cycle of negativity and reactivity is squelched.
  3. Touching, hugging and other forms of affection flow with greater ease.
  4. Smiles are more frequent as well as the desire to be with each other.
  5. There is a sense of anticipation in hearing from the other.
  6. Each begins to feel like they know the other much more deeply.

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