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Make Your Coaching with Dr. Huizenga Financially
Feasible with S-T-R-E-T-C-H Payment Plan

You see the extreme value and coaching and desire one-on-one coaching with Dr. Huizenga but…

It may be difficult for you to swing $395.00 in one lump sum. Financial stress often occupancies a marital crisis or, may be a strong reason for the crisis.

A payment plan $107.00 per month for 4 months is an option that enables you to take full advantage of one-on-one coaching while spreading your payments over time.

One-on-one coaching may be the tool that saves your marriage.

Here are more comments from those who coached with Dr. Huizenga:

I found coaching to be a confirmation or validation of my thoughts/feelings. I experienced tremendous relief being able to discuss the situation with a professional.
Coaching with you helped me gain my emotional & mental strength. I was much better prepared mentally for what happened next, what might happen next.
felt that the coach had a great deal of empathy with me and helped me to feel calm. I became more ’empowered’ with my situation and adapted my behavior according to what I was dealing with.
A key question that hit home in coaching: What am I going to do for myself? I was also able to develop empathy for husband’s mind set and see the reality of what he was, under the surface, dealing with.
My approach with my husband became less confrontational.
I felt more confident as I moved through the situation I was dealing with. I felt more in control and more proactive in the situation.
I was able to stay more focused. There were issues I really wanted to discuss with my husband, but couldn’t. However, I could bring them up during coaching sessions, and we could actually talk (with bob’s help of course).
I discovered the exact words to share with my partner to express what I was trying to say. This was especially helpful as I was trying to do the work needed to successfully confront our problem.
I received support from someone who gets it -availability -great resource material that has become a bible
It was good to bounce off feelings and thoughts. Most important to me was the “feeling” that I was being supported by an expert in the field. As I reacted to my wife’s affair it was valuable to check in and see how I compared to others and to get advice. Were my reactions valid?
My contact with you gave me the confirmation or validation of thoughts/feelings and the relief of being able to discuss the situation with a professional.
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