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A personal note from Dr. Huizenga…

The 4 Keys to Heal Your Marital Crisis more Quickly,
Powerfully and with Self Respect

I want you to know of the predictable, healing, life-saving and perhaps marriage-saving steps you will take to quiet the pain, regain your sanity and confront with wisdom and power your relationship.

Know that you are not alone. Counteract the isolation that
comes with marital crisis.

Friends, family and relatives often give simplistic advice that does not do justice to the complexity of your feelings and thoughts.
Family and friends can also be highly threatened. It seems as if they fear that your “disease” might rub off on them.
Isolation only slows your progress and you more easily fall back into old destructive patterns that prolong the crisis and your misery.

Rebuild Your Emotional and Mental Strength

Gathering around you appropriate and effective support enables you to begin the process of rebuilding your Emotional and Mental Strength.
Connecting with someone who “knows” marital crisis and can empathize with your situation begins the building of your worth.
Your pain subsides.

Rebuild Your Emotional and Mental Strength

Once you create a support system to rebuild your emotional and mental strength you are ready (most of the time!) to create resolution.
There are 3 keys to this process that you must keep in mind.

  • First, it is vital that you keep on target with your strategies.
  • Second, you must keep in mind the larger picture. You must be able to stand back mentally and emotionally.
    You must refrain from reacting and develop a part of you that, under emotional pressure, can act in accordance with your chosen strategies.
  • Third, you will develop an acceptance of self and your spouse, which gives tremendous power to charge neutral.

Rebuild Your Emotional and Mental Strength

In this step you begin to experience shifts and changes. You shake up the world, refusing to live with the old patterns. Instead of reacting, withdrawing, pleading and attempting to persuade, you shift to express your desires, values and position.
You speak your voice, very clearly and powerfully without upset, without drama. Your inner power emerges and s/he and others notice.
You are a person to be reckoned with. You no longer can be avoided, manipulated or dismissed. Your dynamics and the dynamics of your relationships are altered.

Save Your Marriage without “Working on it” or “Talking”
+ One-on-One Coaching with Me = Mastering the 4 Steps

Add one-on-one coaching to “Save Your Marriage without “Working on it” or “Talking” and you have an effective combination that will help you create more quickly and easily what you TRULY want for yourself and relationship.

“Save Your Marriage without “Working on it” or “Talking” is a new creation and the culmination of my professional clinical experiences.

For a period of time, I’m offering one-on-one coaching with you and/or your spouse, depending on the type of marriage and your circumstance. I will be your personal mentor and advocate.

I usually charge $160.00 per half hour for my coaching phone consultations.

Because I’m launching new information, I want and need your input to insure the material is relevant, highly practical and powerfully effective.

So, for a very limited time I am drastically reducing my coaching fee to only $395.00 for 3 half hour consultations.

Once “Saving Your Marriage without “Working on it” or “Talking” reaches the toddler stage, I will withdraw my offer. And, I’m not sure when that will happen.

Be One of a Select Few

I can only be effective when I consult with a limited number of people during the week.

Please know I am limiting my consulting to 20 people a week.

Therefore only the first 20 who sign up for consulting with me will be accepted.

I want you to know that personal one-on-one coaching will most likely help you get there more quickly and more powerfully.

I’ve worked with literally thousands since 1981, have honed my skills and sharpened my concepts and know what works. I also tremendously value your journey, strengths and gifts.

These are just a few of the comments I received from those I’ve coached:

Every time I explained something to Coach Bob, he seemed to either ask a question to help me go deeper or he rephrased what I had said in a way that helped me understand it better. Writing the letter and then finally giving it to my husband was the most powerful thing I did as a result of the coaching experience. I decided to write it as a result of a conversation I had with Bob during which he gave me the perfect words to say, but I couldn’t see myself being able to say them. So I incorporated them into a letter and I think that letter may have made a difference in our situation.
When I told my husband that I could see that he was feeling uncomfortable with what I was saying and that he was clearly troubled with his situation there was a glimmer in his eye which registered that he was almost relieved that I understood. It was important to me at the time.
At the beginning, even before the first coaching session you responded to my email by saying: Very wise. Very brave. Very right on. You are looking for something? Have always been looking for something? Not allowing yourself to find it, fearful that in finding it, you will lose it, but in the not allowing yourself to find it, you lose it anyway? Get all that? This statement has stuck with me and is something that has helped me to be more aware of myself in relationships. I’m more determined to communicate my expectations and needs clearly and openly. Each session was comforting and helpful and also reassuring. I went away each time with clear strategies and better understandings of how to deal with what was in front of me as well as things to think about in terms of changing myself.
I felt more in control and more proactive in the situation. I had tools to deal with my husband and even phrases to say which helped me deliver what I needed to say. The idea of charging neutral was very effective. I appreciated the listening aspect of your coaching and you are very good at reiterating and more clearly defining what I said.
When I would talk through different situations, the re-enforcement that Bob would give me about the actual power that I didn’t realize I was using, gave me the freedom to acknowledge and accept that power so it grew and was even more a part of me.
I Look Forward to Working with You

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