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Coaching Relationship with Dr. Huizenga
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To insure that we are clear on the guidelines for coaching, I’ve included them below:

  1. I will e-mail you to set up the half hour consultation once I receive the form from my shopping cart indicating that you signed up. I will also ask for you a telephone number I can call. Or, let me know if you prefer to call me.
  2. Please enter my E-mail address in your E-mail address book. Or enter it in the appropriate place on your E-mail system to assure that E-mails are not blocked by filters. E-mail: Bob@BobHuizenga.com.
  3. I typically call you if you live within the USA. If you live outside the USA, I expect that you will call me. I try to be very prompt, calling within a couple minutes of our appointed time.
  4. Give at least 24 hours lead advance if you need to change the appointment. I will do the same for you. Such advance time allows me to schedule someone else and for you to schedule your time wisely as well.
    If you do not call within the 24 hour time frame, I will consider that one of your sessions. If I fail to notify you within 24 hours, I will give you free an additional session.
  5. If, for some reason, you miss a session, I will either leave you a voice message or send an e-mail, informing you of our inability to connect. Again, that will be considered as one of your sessions.
    It is then your responsibility to call or e-mail to set up another appointment. I will not assume that we will talk at the same time the next week.
  6. Your insurance will not cover coaching. I will not sign any insurance forms. I will not fill out or submit any report to any person or institution. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is offering support, insight, and encouragement as well as behavioral and language skills and strategies to help you achieve what you want.
  7. If it seems like the coaching is not helping you get where you want to go, please let me know. It is important to talk about what you want. We might need course corrections to keep us on the right path. As we go through the coaching experience, keep in the back of your mind how coaching is helpful. I will send out a brief feedback form after the coaching sessions are completed. I want to learn from you and continually improve this service.
I hope this information is helpful. If you have questions, please feel free to call or e-mail.
Again, I really look forward to talking to you.
Wishing us the best,